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Save 20% - 60% on dental procedures!

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Careington Dental was established in 1979 and is one of the most affordable discount dental plans available while at the same time providing individuals and families great value.  With over 9 MILLION members, the Careington Dental Plan could be exactly what you’re looking for.  

You have the option of paying monthly or annually.

We do NOT  "repackage & re-sell" the dental plan for a larger profit.

The Careington Dental Plan is one of the country’s largest dental networks!

Try it for 30 days - if not completely satisfied, then you can cancel and get a refund of your 1st monthly payment (less the processing fee which is not refundable).  

Lasers have been used by dentists across the country for teeth whitening,prevent or treat gum diseases, and used to biopsy tissue just to name a few.  Recently, some dentists are turning to laser technology to use on fillings, rather than using the traditional drill.  Laser is simply energy that is transferred through light.  As applied for the use of dental fillings, the decay section of a tooth has to be removed before the actual filling can be used.  With a laser and water working as a cooling agent, this "light" literally vaporizes any decay. The laser process is easier and faster and not as painful compared to traditional drilling our tooth decay.

Pros and Cons of Using Lasers.  The laser technology does indeed have some benefits.

Pros Of A Dental Laser:
Reduces any bleeding or swelling.  The use of the laser technology greatly reduces any bleeding or swelling normally resulting from drilling in or around soft gum tissue.

Lowers The Anxiety! Some people ( or maybe most people?) get really nervous when having a drill used on their teeth. The laser gives the patient a choice that enables them to have a more relaxed experience when getting a tooth filled.

Lasers Reduces The Pain. When compared to the traditional dental drill, the laser works great to keep pain in check and at a minimum.

Sterilizes the Tissue. A laser also aids to sterilize & disinfect any surrounding tissue of the tooth being filled which keeps the area free from harmful chemicals.

Targets the Decayed Area. Pinpoint accuracy. Also helps preserve the healthy part of the tooth.

Works to “Cure” Fillings. “Curing” a filling means to harden the filling material (called composite) the filling is made out of.

Cons: Of Dental Laser:

Lasers cannot be used in some common procedures.

A laser can't be used if the cavity is:

Lasers are a fantastic choice for a tooth that has never been filled. But in cases where the tooth has had an old filling, the laser can't be used.

Doesn’t Eliminate Anesthesia.  While the laser does in fact lower the amount of anesthesia required, it doesn't completely eliminate the need for anesthesia. This can be quite a challenge for a lot of patients who may be cautious about using general anesthesia.

It’s More Expensive. It's a lot more expensive than the dental drill which typically sart around $700. Lasers can cost upwards of $45,000. The price for the procedures, will be up to the dentist to decide, but they need to recoup their cost for the equipment.

It will Never Replace A Drill.  For some dental fillings, the good old drill will need to be used for some steps of the process such as shaping a filling, polishing and adjusting the bite.

Lasers may reduce the pain of some dental procedures but the cost of  treatment can be shocking.  Look at our fee schedule to view some of the low prices that our plan offers. Signing up is simple! Click “Join Now” or give us a call at 800-515-7401.

THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE and is not intended to replace health insurance. This plan does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. This plan is not a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act. This is not a Medicare prescription drug plan. The range of discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and service. The plan does not pay providers directly. Plan members must pay for all services but will receive a discount from participating providers. The list of participating providers is A written list of participating providers is available upon request. You may cancel within the first 30 days after receipt of membership materials and receive a full refund, less a nominal processing fee (nominal fee for MD residents is $5, AR and TN residents will be refunded processing fee). Discount Medical Plan Organization and administrator: Careington International Corporation, 7400 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034; phone 800-441-0380.

This plan is not available in Vermont

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